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Theory of Change

Uviwe Child & Youth Services is a community partner who recognises the ability of children and youth from underprivileged communities to be active change agents.

PUTTING YOUNG FUTURES FIRST – we facilitate a young child’s journey of schooling, personal development, active citizenship and help youth to identify alternative opportunities. Opportunities that will break the cycle of poverty and unemployment in the Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth.


To unlock the potential of “at risk” children and youth to become active participants in shaping a bright new future for themselves. A future free from poverty, violence and exploitation.


Our programmes aim to achieve the following outcomes, in partnership with other community agents:

Access to quality
Early Childhood Development

Confident, skilled and
resilient youth

Improved school performance
(Grade 4-7)

Involved, supportive

Safe children,
free from violence

Effective child protection
system in communities


Uviwe Child & Youth Services’ activities and support programmes run over a broad spectrum. Activities start from as early as providing access to early childhood development, providing primary school education support and skills development for unemployed youth. Positive Parenting programmes are included to increase parent involvement in their children’s development and creating a nurturing home environment for children.

Our activities include holistic programme design, focusing on LOVE – SAFETY – STIMULATION. Underpinning all activities are protective behaviours training.


Uviwe Child & Youth Services support innovative solutions and approaches to ECD and Youth Development challenges. Uviwe is a progressive community based organisaton. We are often on the forefront of innovative social change programmes.