Organisational efficiency (Uviwe sustainability plan)

Uviwe’s sustainability strategy embraces the 10 elements of Advancement (Inyathelo - South Africa Academy for Advancement). We strongly believe if we do not look after our own organisation and its people, we will not be able to be effective change agents or agents of hope to others!

You can't drive a car on empty!

As a service delivery organisation the competency of our staff and efficiency of our structures and systems are non-negotiable. We keep our teams “lean and mean”, but we also have to invest in regular maintenance programmes for our vehicles, buildings, IT infrastructure, ECD facilities and office space. It is critical to invest in our people’s skills, ongoing training and we try and offer reasonable (NPO) remuneration packages to retain competent staff. We need to continue to build a strong organisation to deliver on our reason for existence (mission and objectives). We set ourselves apart from other non-profit organisations as we measure (evaluate) programmes and record statistics with a customised electronic data management programme. Our electronic management information system requires constant upgrading as donor requirements keep on changing, but we rather report on real impact, at an additional cost, than to rely on trial-and-error recording methods.

Meeting international reporting standards

We have been able to successfully meet the onerous requirements of international donors such as Global Fund, Infant Trust UK, European Union and UNAIDS because of our commitment to accurate record keeping systems.

Partnership opportunity

We gladly partner with stakeholders that know and understand effective services and sustainable impact depends on competent people and effective systems. Help us build a strong organisation to continue to deliver programmes with lasting impact in communities. Contact our Director, Ms Anna-Louise Olivier at for any financial support, training or pro bona professional service that you may be able to offer – let’s invest in our city! Start by investing in Uviwe

Our partners

Child protection & victim empowerment

Early childhood development

Youth development

Strong families

Safe communities

Effective child protection systems in local communities

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