Who we are

Uviwe Child & Youth Services (formerly known as PE Childline) is a registered child protection organisation in the vibrant city of Port Elizabeth...

What we do

UVIWE focusses on PUTTING YOUNG FUTURES FIRST & BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE WITH YOU by unlocking the potential of all children.

Theory of Change

Uviwe Child & Youth Services is a community partner who recognises the ability of children and youth from underprivileged communities to be active change agents.


UVIWE - directly translated from isiXhosa means - “you are heard”.

We believe in every child, family and community’s ability to speak up and stand against violence, abuse and abandonment of its most vulnerable citizens.


Uviwe Child & Youth Services

Uviwe Child & Youth Services

CLUB EDGE youth busy with crafts this afternoon. Making bracelets (on a very cold, windy & rainy afternoon) .......to share with others. This is a committed youth club! #youth4change #generosity #crafts

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There is nothing more rewarding than the
ability to shape a child’s life.

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